From Paternalism to human rights – the evidence?


Through the years, trying to make sense of what happened to us + not wanting the bad stuff to happen to others, our journey developed.

We collaborated with many people + asked ourselves the question, how do we move from paternalism to human rights in the Mental Health industry?

How do we shine a light in the dark places that is the Mental Health industry?

Our research evolved – use the freedom of information act to gather evidence about human rights abuse within the system.

To move from a medical model of distress to a human rights model of distress.


The questions we asked were simple

The questions were to do with Electro convulsive treatment, serious incidents (like patients with broken bones due to restraint) restraint, seclusion + medication errors.

We consider being sectioned, Electro convulsive treatment, serious incidents, restraint, seclusion + medication errors to be human rights abuses.

We compiled a spreadsheet to track our progress.

We chased NHS mental health trusts + started conversations via email.

We feedback on the data we received – to get an alternative view point “out there”

We raised concerns with the Information Commissioner’s office when data was not provided or only partially provided.

When the Information Commissioner’s office did not agree the data should be provided, we appealed to the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber)

Then we appealed to the Upper Tribunal Appeals Chamber

These appeals are ongoing.


Of the 69 organisations contacted only 20 responses were received to date (10-10-2020) after six months of work.

Several organisations responded that they are not covered under the freedom of information act.

These organisations were The Huntercombe Group and City Health care partnership CIC

The simplified results are shown here


The data (if we are given access to it) speaks for itself.

Each admission, each electro convulsive treatment, restraint, each seclusion, each serious incident, each medication error is a human rights abuse.

We just need to listen?

Alexis Quinn?

Act wisely?

We are not using public money – our money well (each admission costs at least £18K)

We need to learn from Italy, Finland, Manchester and others.

Work together?

How will we put the change we need into action? not just strategy papers?

We need the other part of this “picture” the data from the Haven and community.

In summary our aims are ...

All Mental Health Hospitals should be closed as per Italy;

The Haven/ respite/ Home Group model should be adopted - which is part of the NHS long term plan.

Afiya House – peer respite film

The Mental Health Act should be abolished, one of the few areas of law where you can be locked away for something you may do, by people who have a vested interest in locking you away

Abolish the Mental Health Act – PETITION – PLEASE SIGN + SHARE!

(James Davies work CRACKED why psychiatry is doing more harm than good is relevant here? Sedated, How Modern Capitalism Created our Mental Health Crisis - James Davies Suman Fernando’s book Institutional racism in psychiatry + clinical psychology ?)


Set up an independent review into electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) practice



Repeal provisions for Community Treatment Order

People should be supported to come off psychiatric drugs if this is their wish ...

Antipsychotics Associated with Severe COVID-19 and Fatal Outcomes


Provide Tapering Strips for People Who Want to Withdraw Safely from Psychotropic Drugs

Petition by James Moore


Tapering strips

Move from a Medical model of distress to a social / Human Rights model of distress ...

From Paternalism to human rights ...

Citizen assemblies, community right to buy, community commissioning, participatory budgeting, 3 day week , universal basic income , well being economy ?

Next step

Will you EMAIL your MP?

You can find them here

You could look at this + send your thoughts?

Online October 2021

We meet last Thursday of the month 11 am to 1pm

Richmond Library Annex

Quadrant Rd


(From November 2021 -To be confirmed)

For more information contact

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